Build To Suit Data Centers

DataGryd will take your white space design and maximize its energy efficiency by connecting to its MicroGryd Shell™ power and cooling infrastructure. 


Hardware Ready Data Centers

Equipment ready facilities can be delivered in any power configuration and can be sub-divided in almost any footprint. You can add power and cooling as you grow to our base design.


Datagryd Microgryd Shell™

The Datagryd Microgryd Shell™ consists of an onsite natural gas combined cooling, heating and power plant (CCHP) – designed under strict EPA and Department of Energy guidelines –  with traditional mission critical back up systems.

It will enable overall power consumption to be significantly reduced and will deliver significant reductions in energy usage and operating costs for customers.

Open Internet Exchange (Open-IX) Association
Data Center Certification

DataGryd is a proud supporter of Open-IX and supports no cost Interconnections and open Peering. DataGryd has been approved for DC OIX-2 data center certification of its data center facility at 60 Hudson Street in New York City. The Open-IX data center certification defines the standards for data centers to offer an “open” Internet Exchange and Interconnection platform.

Services & Prices:
DataGryd is pleased to offer no cross connect or peering fees which meets the public disclosure requirements of OIX.

Specific Information for OIX compliance:
The OIX Data Center compliance standard and governance document requires the following specific information to be provided for customers. 

DataGryd's Corporate OIX Advisory Board Member List:

  • Eli Scher – Continuum Data Centers
  • Jordan Kanfer – NTT America
  • Richard Kearns – Deutsche Telekom North America

Additional Internet specific OIX advisors will be added at a future date.
A list of government information requests and the action taken on them will be posted to this website if legally disclosable.

For more information about the Open Internet Exchange (OIX) – Data Center Certification or DataGryd, please contact us online or call (646) 383-4666.


The Environmental Impact

DataGryd is an industry leader in green design. Benefits to clients include its incredible power generation and access to broadband data networks coupled with a microgrid power plant that uses cogeneration technology to reduce operating costs to users.

Aligning with Energy Star accreditation, tier one clients can meet their carbon credit guidelines as well as their carbon footprint reduction goals.