2013 Technology Convergence Conference to Highlight Emerging IT Concerns in New Industry Trends Track - January 14, 2013

Bruce Myatt, Executive Vice President at The Data Centers LLP, will moderate a panel titled Critical Facilities Roundtable Panel: Alternative and Renewal Power for Off-Grid Computing, which will discuss alternate and traditional data center power transmission and the electrical grid. Panelists will include Brian Janous, Utility Architect, Data Center Advanced Development Global Foundation Services at Microsoft, and Peter Feldman, CEO and Principal at DataGryd.
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Notes from IMN: Wholesale vs. Retail, Standards and Sandy - December 4, 2012
Yesterday, we covered some of the general themes at last week’s IMN Conference on Financing, Investing & Real Estate Development for Data Centers in Santa Clara, Calif. Today we bring you some of our favorite notes and quotes from the keynotes. The consensus on whether wholesale vs. retail was summed up, with brevity, by Peter Feldman, the CEO and Principal of Datagryd, a new player in the New York market. “Not one model is going to fit every market and every aspect,” Feldman said.
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Why Manhattan Is the Worst Place for a Data Center — and the Best - October 30, 2012
It might be cheaper to set up your data center across the Hudson River, but that can slow down traffic, especially if you’ve got readers or customers in Manhattan…New York has operated this way for decades…The data center at 60 Hudson Street — in Tribeca, just north of Lower Manhattan — once served as the brain of Western Union, the old telegraph company. “It was packed with telegraph cables and pneumatic tubes,” says Peter Feldman, the CEO of DataGryd, a company that now leases space in the facility.
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Why The Internet Is (Mostly) Hurricane-Proof - October 30, 2012
As the city deals with the Sandy aftermath, data center companies in Manhattan are doing their best to keep servers online. But even if they fail, they’re not taking the Internet down with them…DataGryd CEO Peter Feldman says fuel trucks are stationed outside of 60 Hudson and the company doesn’t anticipate shortages. His back-of-the envelope estimate is that the data center companies in the building are consuming about 20,000 gallons of fuel per day.
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New Data Hub Being Developed in Manhattan - October 22, 2012
The new space at 325 Hudson comes amid a flurry of data center development in Manhattan, The new projects include… DataGryd: This new player in the Manhattan market is developing up to 240,000 square feet of data center space within 60 Hudson Street, and is working with the landlord to update the building’s power infrastructure.
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